Wildlife Activist

Wildlife Activist (ISSN 0894-4660) is published two times per year and is the main publication and newsletter for the general membership.  The Activist provides updates on all of the Center’s major projects, including the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge, and the Kittatinny Raptor Corridor Project.  The Wildlife Activist also provides feature articles of interest to our members.

The Wildlife Notes section communicates important wildlife news from around the world.  An extensive collection of Wildlife Book Reviews provides benefit not only to our members, but is used as a reference for many researchers and academic librarians around the world.

As a service to the community of wildlife enthusiasts, copies of selected Wildlife Book Reviews are available via the links at the left of this page.

Some articles from Wildlife Activist:

For an overview of our strategy in re-vegetating the mountain, read Dan Kunkle’s article Watching Grass Grow — Update on the Restoration Process at Lehigh Gap, and its sequel, Watching Grass Grow II.  You may want to follow these up with Dan’s Ecological Succession and Lehigh Gap.

For a bit of history on the formation of the refuge and the funding behind it, Bob Hoopes, our Treasurer, has put together a series of articles, starting with A Dream Come True, followed by From Idea to Reality: The Wildlife Center’s 2002 Transition, and finally Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge Is Open For Business.  The retrospective, Five Years Ago and Back to the Future provides an overview of the entire process.  Dan Kunkle’s article, Remarkable Progress of Wildlife Refuge Land Fund, discusses a bit of the funding that makes the refuge possible.