Roesel’s Katydid

Roesel’s Katydid
Metrioptera roeselii

Roesel's KatydidRoesel’s Katydid sound

Description: A grasshopper-like katydid.  The long antennae separate this from grasshoppers.  The black ear patch, bordered by green, is distinctive.

Where to look: This species is often very common along roadsides and open, wet meadows.  It can also be found in hay fields.  While this species can be very common at certain locations, it can be absent in other good habitats.

Sound: A dry, mechanical buzz which can last from 1-2 seconds to over 2 minutes.

Note: This species is a native to Europe, but there is no record of it causing any damage in North America. Within this species, there are two forms, a short-winged and a long-winged form.  Both short- and long-winged forms occur in Europe and North America, but the short-winged is more common in Europe and the long-winged is more common here.  The individual pictured is the short-winged form.  Another spelling of this species is Rösel’s Katydid.

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