Early Morning Bird Walk in Three Ponds AreaThe refuge at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center was established primarily to promote the primary mission of LGNC to preserve wildlife and habitat through conservation, education and research.  However, the refuge also offers numerous passive recreational opportunities for visitors who seek to enjoy the  abundance of natural resources at LGNC.

Some of the recreational activities that we encourage visitors to enjoy include:

  • Hiking and skiing on designated trails within the refuge (Trail Maps and Guides) – The refuge includes 13 miles of marked trails requiring varying levels of physical effort.
  • Birding and other wildlife observation – The refuge includes several distinct habitats that support an array of species of plants and animals  (Wildlife at LGNC)
  • Geological Observation
  • Photography
  • River Access for canoes, kayaks, small boats – see Trail Maps and Guides for locations.
  • Fishing in the Lehigh River – Licensed anglers frequently access the Lehigh River from the refuge.
  • Workshops, Events, and Guided Walks sponsored by LGNC (Calendar)

Activities that are not permitted at LGNC include:

  • Hunting
  • Off road use of motorized vehicles
  • Camping
  • Access during non-daylight hours
  • Disturbing or removing plants or animals from the refuge