Field Trips to LGNC

Environmental education field trips for students from the Lehigh Valley, Carbon County, PA and beyond

Grade 2-6

Ecosystem Comparison – ecosystem ecology, comparison chart for five ecosystems, discussion questions (two levels – Grade 2-3, Grade 4-6)
Geology Hike – a walk through the Gap looking at formations that illustrate plate tectonics, sedimentary rock formation, erosion; also rock classification activity (can be included in Ecology Walk)
Ecology Walk – Lehigh Gap Restoration Project, all basic ecological topics covered (11 stations with worksheets on two levels – Middle/High School)
Stations (Grades 2-3)
Classifying Rocks – collecting and classifying rocks to learn about classification and basic geology (Grade 2-3)
Bird Chorus – learning bird songs of common species
Leaf Identification – matching shapes to identify leaves; basic types of trees
Pond Water – examining pond water through microscopes and looking at macroscopic pond critters in the lab
Nature Walk – looking for birds, butterflies, etc.
Helpful/Harmful – things that are good or bad for birds/wildlife
Watershed demo – with models to explain the concept of a watershed
Stations (Grades 4-6)
Food Chain/Web/Pyramid – simulation of these concepts with students playing the role of organisms
Watershed and Land Uses – simulation game to teach the concepts of watershed and how human land use affects watersheds and water quality
Water Cycle – simulation game to teach or review the water cycle
Nature Walk – exploring higher order concepts than with younger students
Habitat/Predator/Prey – simulation game to explain the concepts and emphasize important role of predators
Bird Study – four activity worksheets, beaks and feet, bird chart
Birds of Prey – Raptor migration, raptor adaptations, draw a hawk, raptor identification, field trip to Bake Oven Knob
Forest Ecology – can be done in conjunction with Birds of Prey field trip
Pond Study – nets, water quality equipment, microscopes (Grades 4-6)
Bug Safari – looking for insects of all kinds

Fee Schedule:

  • Field Trips: $45 preparation fee plus $30/hour for each LGNC educator (Note that a typical trip lasts 2-3 hours.)
  • In-school Programs for Students: $30/hour from time leaving LGNC to return, plus mileage reimbursement at IRS rate
  • Teacher Workshops/In-service: Half day – $250, Full day – $400
  • Curriculum Development and Leadership: $50/hour plus mileage reimbursement at IRS rate
  • Longer Term Rates/Multiple Class Rates – are negotiable