In-School Programs

Let LGNC staff provide a lesson in your school.

In-Class Lessons/Programs

  • Lehigh Gap History/Restoration – four page reading with worksheet and quiz
  • Process of Science activities – Eagle age ratios, black soil activity, experimental design
  • Kaibab deer
  • Lehigh Gap Restoration Project (PowerPoint Program)
  • Birds through the Year (PowerPoint Program)
  • Birds of Lehigh Gap Nature Center (PowerPoint Program)
  • Wildlife of Lehigh Gap Nature Center (PowerPoint Program)
  • Raptors: Birds of Prey (PowerPoint Program)
  • Beneficial Bugs (PowerPoint Program – Grades K-3)
  • Insects (PowerPoint Program – Grades 4 up)
  • Pollination (PowerPoint Program)
  • Extinction (PowerPoint Program)
  • Nocturnal Animals (PowerPoint Program)
  • Underground Animals (PowerPoint Program)
  • Watershed (PowerPoint Program)
  • What’s in the Water (PowerPoint Program)
  • Wildlife in Winter (adaptations – PowerPoint Program)
  • Camouflaged Animals (adaptations – PowerPoint Program)