August 22, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

On display August 18 – 31 in the Osprey House Great Hall

Over the course of several years, I had the pleasure of photographing the old remains of the NJZ West Plant. It was amazing to see the pride the builders of the plant and workers had. Even though this was industry, the buildings had architectural style and craftsmanship. Seeing the handmade molds the workers crafted were amazing and left me thinking about how much time, energy, knowledge, and pride went into designing what the plant needed to run. I love old structures because they already have a story. Even tough these were in disrepair and being taken back by nature, their story was still being told. Once they were removed from sight, the story starts to fade and I didn’t want that to happen. Palmerton is a beautiful little town and, had it not been for The NJZ Co., we would not be that way. As a photographer, I love being able to take a moment of time and freeze it for forever, and I feel very fortunate that I could do that for a place that was and is a huge part of Palmerton’s history. It’s story can and will live on. -Lynn Shupp