Winter Bird Survey 2014 Results

            Fourteen individuals, aged 15 to, well mature, ventured out on January 18, 2014 in freshly fallen and blowing snow for the seventeenth annual Bake Oven Knob Area Winter Bird Survey. Eleven traveled by car on three teams and three stayed on the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge and surveyed on foot

            The four teams combined to find a cumulative total of 2404 birds of 55 different species. The total number of birds is derived by taking the highest count for each species for all teams as the count for that species, then adding up those numbers. The Hoopes team recorded the most species with 42 seen for the morning.

            Three new species were added to the list of species seen in the 17 years of the count. They were Ring-necked Duck and Northern Goshawk, both spotted by the Kline team and Eastern Towhee, recorded by the Husic team. There is now a total of 88 species seen during this survey since it began in 1997. The McNaughton team, traveling the Refuge on foot spotted the largest number of Canada Geese and Dark-eyed Juncos and saw the only Golden-crowned Kinglet.

            New high counts for the survey included 3 Redhead (ducks), 11 Common Mergansers, 3 Black Vultures, 4 American Kestrels, 60 Ring-billed Gulls, 3 Herring Gulls,  346 Rock Pigeons, and 18 Song Sparrows. The five most numerous birds for the count were European Starling (507), Rock Pigeon (346), Canada Goose (265), Mallard (179), and Dark-eyed Junco (161).         

            The survey is conducted every January in roughly a rectangle along the Kittatinny from PA Route 248 to PA Route 309. This is a citizen science project of the Lehigh Gap Nature Center monitoring the trends in winter bird sightings in our region of Northern Lehigh and Southern Carbon counties in eastern Pennsylvania.

            The four teams consisted of the following participants: Bob Hoopes, Jeff Hopkins, Wyatt Trantham and Nate Cunfer; Ron Kline, Devin Kline and Grant Stevenson; Dave McNaughton, Jarrod Derr, and Ed Newcomb; Corey Husic, Dave Husic, Dan Kunkle and Bud Cole.


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